Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Could Have Just Handed Them an Iphone....

I have been really busy. I have heard myself tell my children to stop swarming me. I have heard myself tell others that life feels like I am walking through a car wash---and not the part where you would get sprinkled with pretty rainbow bubbles. No--the part where you would get slapped multiple times with those long wet strips of canvas and as soon as you escaped your face would get blown off by the drying fans at the end. It's been really hot. Too hot to go to the park. Our youngest is in a cast, so the pool is out. There is a major drought in Southern California, so sprinkler-running is a no go.

One day this week, we had the whole family in the van. Our kids are so wonderfully inquisitive, but darn if that doesn't make for a cacophany of question-asking every time we go somewhere. The busy, the heat and the noise finally got to me. I declared it QUIET TIME!!!! (no one ever declares it quietly), popped in a cd and rolled down all the windows. Something magical happened. First of all, we were actually able to go over 15 miles per hour in Los Angeles. Secondly, the fresh air and music mixed together, flowed through the car and that same can't-put-your-finger-on-it thing that happens to your sheets when you dry them on a clothesline happened to all of us. We were calmer, we were at ease, we looked out the window and contemplated all we saw and I would bet money that we smelled really good. There was also this hum of connection between us--that same blissed out feeling I get after a great concert or meditation was right there in our van. So I made it a practice this week to drive with the windows rolled down. It's especially great at dusk when the air is beginning to cool. My music of choice has been a 90's throwback "Rhythm of the Saints" by Paul Simon, but anything will do--even just the quiet. Give it a try this week---you just might feel like you were sprinkled with rainbow bubbles when you do.

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  1. Arrrrggghh, I've had those days too! I need to keep reminding myself to think outside the box when dealing with my 4 year old. Thanks for the tip.


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