Sunday, May 25, 2014

She's Crafty Yos

Out here in Los Angeles, we've had a few heat waves over the past month. Being from the Midwest where the heat is accompanied by humidity that makes it take 45 minutes to blow dry your hair, I should probably use proper punctuation and say "heat wave". However, when it hits 90 and you don't have air conditioning and your kids don't dare go outside because they say it would be preferable to have a dragon blow fire on their heads, I declare it a quote-free HEAT WAVE and start getting desperate for things to give them to do.

Growing up, heat meant summer and summer meant camp and at camp we made what were called "God's Eyes". A couple of sticks and some yarn were all they required and you had 20 campers occupied on a hot afternoon. My camp God's Eyes always ended up looking like a tangled mess, but both my 7 and 4 year old managed to get obsessed. How's this for L.A. style God's-Eyes---we didn't have a bunch of sticks we could gather from a yard, so we used chopsticks.

The roots of a "God's Eye" or Ojo de Dios lie in indigenous cultures as a meditative practice.

From Wikipedia:
"Traditional Ojos de Dios are frequently woven in solitude, as part of an extended meditation or prayer. In other settings, their construction is one aspect of longstanding communal engagement and connection. For centuries, young people in the mountains of New Mexico have made Ojos de Dios in learning circles (wisdom circles) with their elders."

Once I got the girls started, they really got engaged. For the next couple days, I would randomly find them huddled in a cool corner weaving the yarn over and under the sticks. I have always found there to be a meditative quality to knitting, and I do believe that they reaped some of the same benefits of the stillness and centering that happens once they found a rhythm. 

Here are the directions to make them.

I plan to string the 426 my kids made up across our patio. Have a great week!

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