Monday, March 10, 2014

49 Cent Connection

As I sat writing an email to a co-worker tonight, I asked my husband "What did we do before we had email to get in touch with all these people?!!!" Oh yeah, we actually called or wrote them letters. Back when we were in college, my husband and I spent the first summer we were dating apart. I have a shoebox full of love letters and cards that we mailed each other. While I like to think that one day my children will solemnly revere these romantic letters that tell of their history, it's more likely they will gag over our googly-eyed attempts at poetry and metaphors (but his eyes really ARE the color of honey gleaming in the lazy Sunday morning pancake sunshine!).

This week, use the postal system. While it may seem more like the Pony Express than an efficient way of communication, there is something wonderfully tangible about sending and receiving mail. Pick a recipient that could really use an unsuspecting pick-me-up. Have your kids write something about their day, color some pictures or draft a story. Then pop it in an envelope and send it out knowing it will brighten someone's day. If you want to use a couple more stamps, write a note to your child and mail it to them. If they are like mine, they will jump up and down with excitement when there is more than junk mail and grocery fliers in the mailbox.

Have a great week!

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