Friday, March 28, 2014

Mary Potter

After my daughter watched "Mary Poppins" 167 times, we decided to check the book out from the library. You know...change things up a little. After we read it, we discovered there are three books in the "Mary Poppins" series. While the books are not nearly as dramatic as, say, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins can be as magical as Dumbledore and as strict as Professor Umbridge.  She even has a few Snape-like moments that make you wonder just why those kids loved Mary Poppins so much in the first place. Anyhoo- we just started reading the third book, "Mary Poppins Opens the Door". In one of the first chapters, Mary and the kids encounter a man who has 7 wishes granted to him. I was curious what my kids would wish for if granted 7 wishes and they were curious about mine.  My four year old insisted she needed only one wish. Just one. I imagined she would wish for a lifetime supply of Disneyland tickets or an unlimited supply of wishes,  but no.....all she wanted with her one wish was.....a squirrel.

This week, ask your family for their list of 7 wishes. It opens up an avenue for all kinds of interesting conversations and provides insights that you might not have expected. Like the importance of squirrels.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

To Your Health

As a parent to young kids, it's ridiculously easy to completely forget about myself and sacrifice my needs for the needs of my children. This would explain why I've been wearing the same sweater for six years and am guilty of wearing flip-flops without a proper pedicure. While fashion (or lack of it) and chipped nail polish are things I won't lose sleep over (why would I even use this idiom when I don't sleep anyway?), I've been a little stressed lately over some things I have let slide.

Over the holidays, our youngest was about to turn 1. In her first year, I had taken her to half a dozen "well-baby" appointments, taken her sisters for their medical AND dental checkups and I'd hardly managed to visit my bed when I had a cold. I hadn't seen anyone in regards to my own wellness since the day my daughter was born. I made it my New Year's resolution to take better care of myself for my own sake and for the sake of my kids. I would start by making an appointment for a physical RIGHT AWA---the baby's crying I have to go nurse her where is my phone it has no battery do I even have a doctor what was I doing again?......

Ok--so it took me 3 months. It was "that thing" that got transferred from to-do list to to-do list and got out-prioritized by dance class, diaper changes and showering. Finally, a couple weeks ago, I locked myself in the bathroom and made the call. Next week, I am off to have my own "well-parent" appointment, plus I painted my toes while I was on hold so I can shamelessly wear sandals now.

Give yourself and your family the gift of your wellness this week. Take the time to make an appointment for a health or dental checkup. After my doctor's appointment next week, I am going to move on to getting to the dentist. At the rate I make appointments, I figure I'll go in August. Guess I won't have to bother upgrading my ratty sweater after all....

Have a great week!

Monday, March 10, 2014

49 Cent Connection

As I sat writing an email to a co-worker tonight, I asked my husband "What did we do before we had email to get in touch with all these people?!!!" Oh yeah, we actually called or wrote them letters. Back when we were in college, my husband and I spent the first summer we were dating apart. I have a shoebox full of love letters and cards that we mailed each other. While I like to think that one day my children will solemnly revere these romantic letters that tell of their history, it's more likely they will gag over our googly-eyed attempts at poetry and metaphors (but his eyes really ARE the color of honey gleaming in the lazy Sunday morning pancake sunshine!).

This week, use the postal system. While it may seem more like the Pony Express than an efficient way of communication, there is something wonderfully tangible about sending and receiving mail. Pick a recipient that could really use an unsuspecting pick-me-up. Have your kids write something about their day, color some pictures or draft a story. Then pop it in an envelope and send it out knowing it will brighten someone's day. If you want to use a couple more stamps, write a note to your child and mail it to them. If they are like mine, they will jump up and down with excitement when there is more than junk mail and grocery fliers in the mailbox.

Have a great week!

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