Friday, February 21, 2014

New Kids On the Block Made Me Do This....

When I was growing up, my friends and I used to sit around and fantasize about our adult lives. Even though we don't live next door to each other, barbecue every weekend or take our private jets to go see New Kids on the Block in concert, some of our vision held true. I distinctly remember having a conversation over tater tots and Diet Coke that went like this:

I'm going to have 3 kids
I want 4 kids. 2 boys and 2 girls
My sons will be Austin and Hunter.
I called those names last week!
No. You said Dallas and Hayden
Whatever. I'm going to decorate their room in cranberry and dark green and all over my house I am going to hang their artwork in frames.
But I called Austin and Hunter!
Oh my God! Turn it up, New Kids is on the radio.....

We may have fought over who loved Donny Wahlberg more, but the one thing we agreed on was that kids make cool art. This week, honor your child's artwork. My kids sit and draw/color/paint nearly everyday. If yours aren't into it, grab some markers and paper and see what comes out of them. If your kids are closer to their teen years, see what happens if you set up some acrylics and cardboard.  Make a mural, use masking tape to create a design. See what happens when you sit and create your own piece beside them. Notice how meditative coloring in a coloring book can be. Ask your child to tell you about what they've made. After their masterpiece is finished, hang it up. Scan it into your computer and make a t-shirt or magnet. Buy a frame and put it on display in your living room. Austin and Hunter will feel so proud.

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