Wednesday, February 26, 2014

8 Ways to "Once Upon a Time"

 We have been reading the "Little House on the Prairie" series at our house. I find it ironic how often I envy the simplicity of their lifestyle to the busy-ness of all our activities and errands. It seems strange that I would be willing to trade my dishwasher and air conditioning for outhouses and plucking chickens, but the idea of not having to get up and go anywhere seems so nice.....and well....corn bread.  (Yeah, but you have to get up and make a fire.......but no traffic.......yeah, but your mattress is stuffed with hay......but it's so quiet.....yeah, but wolves and bears....................................yeah, but corn bread!).

What I have noticed from reading about the life of pioneers is that without tvs or computers, they entertained themselves with songs and stories. Everything from hunting adventures to wedding romances were passed down for generations around a fire on cold nights. It made me realize what a lost art storytelling is becoming and how little our kids know of our history. This week, tell your child a story about yourself. If you really want to have your audience riveted, tell your kids a story about a time you made a mistake. Here are some ideas to get you started:

-a scary moment you had as a child.

-something you feel proud of.

-how you met your significant other, best friend, or a special person in your life.

-the story of your child being born.

-a time you took a big risk.

-how you learned to drive, decided what career path to follow, how you started a hobby, discovered something you love.

-a time you would have made a different choice.

-a trip you went on or a person you met who made a difference in your life.

Trade a story or two with you kids and I guarantee they will have a few to tell you too. Have a great week!

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