Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'll Take the Corset

Whoever invented bedtime must have had a staff of servants on-hand to help them through the day. It just seems illogical that after a long day of parenting, there is still the heavy-lifting of bath-time, tooth-brushing and child-herding to be done. In an effort to get through this routine faster (so I can sip a glass of wine and watch movies), I have been known to cut a corner or two. I haven't gone so far as to pull out their baby teeth and replace them with little tiny dentures until their adult teeth grow in (tells you how much I like brushing teeth, doesn't it?), but I do sometimes catch myself speed-reading through bedtime stories.

That's why this weeks activity takes us back to pre-electricity era entertainment. This week, read a for it......ALOUD. Most people with small children already read aloud, and if that's you, this week do it some other time than bedtime and read the way you always imagined you would before you had kids....use all the funny voices, create suspense, "chew the scenery"....act it all out like a play. If your kids are older, grab a chapter book and read to them out loud. Pass the book around and take turns reading passages. Get into a deep philosophical conversation about how the story would be different if Hermione were the main character and Harry was the sidekick. If you need some book suggestions Read Aloud America has extensive reading lists of books that have "excellent read-aloud appeal" and are broken down by age group from Infant/Toddler to Ageless.

So get to your library, cozy up on the couch and enjoy!

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