Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kiss the Sky

We are in Indiana for the Holidays. I put off some Christmas shopping until we got here so we wouldn't have to schlep too much on the plane. Even the minimal gifts we bought required a few hours out in the retail hive. By hour three, I found myself rushing a little more, mostly self-absorbed, still remembering to make eye-contact with the retail workers, but irritable and ready to go home. The Winter Solstice was yesterday. For me it's a time to reconnect with nature and observe its flow and how it reflects in our lives. The only way I feel connected to nature in a mall is the unshakeable feeling that I am part of a herd. That's the "moo moo" kind, not the "we are all one" kind.  

I got home and went upstairs to nurse my daughter. Since our arrival, her favorite thing to do when she wakes up is crawl to the window next to the bed and look out at the sky and the trees. I am following her lead for our activity this week. Instead of starting my day by grabbing my phone and checking my email, I am bookending a few of our days with nature.  Start the day by pulling up the blinds and watching the birds flit around for a few minutes. Notice how what is growing near your house and how the neighborhood wakes up. If you can manage to work it into your holiday routine this week, designate some time each night to head outside, look up at the stars and take some deep breaths and remember what a huge, miraculous Universe we are a part of. 

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