Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Fresh Melody

With the holidays well under way, I am pretty sure you have been immersed in the soundtrack of Yuletide Carols upon entry into any retail establishment since late October. Each year I wonder if they stopped making Christmas music in 1992 because I am so tired of hearing Whitney Houston ask me if I hear what she hears (No, Whitney, no. I still...don't....HEAR IT!) So pause the holiday music at some point this week and take some time to explore a genre of music you haven't spent as much time with. Today, I asked my girls to lie down, close their eyes and listen to some new selections. It opened up a really cool discussion and was incredibly relaxing as well (until we got to Mongolian Throat Singing---then we were giggling a bit). Here are some selections you might find more interesting than "Santa Baby":

Opera-Delibes' Flower Duet

Classical-Dvorak's New World Symphony

Brazilian Samba

African-Soweto Gospel Choir

Mongolian Throat Singing

A Capella-Rock With You

An incredibly creative way to play the piano

Bluegrass-Sierra Hull

For the sake of convenience, most of these links will lead to a you tube video.  To keep things unplugged, I covered the screen and we simply listened to the tracks. You can also use Pandora (the music app) or the music channels on satellite tv to search different genres. Here are a some of our favorites:

Celtic Harp
Musical Theatre

We always end up having a dance party in our living room when we explore music. So tear it up together or just relax and enjoy the tunes! Happy Listening!

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