Sunday, November 3, 2013

Star Power

After last week, it is clear that all I really need to do is be a S.T.A.R (because that would mean I get a personal chef and a massage every day). Really it stands for Stop Take a Breath And Relax. Designate a task you repeat daily (ideally something you and your child do together) and use it to remind you to take a slow deep breath. If you can't find something that will serve as a reminder, you can set an alarm to remind you. (I know we are doing "unplugged" activities here, but go with it.) 

Here's my plan--each time I get in the car, we are going to breathe. Put the baby in the car seat--one deep, long, slow breath. Buckle in the 4 year old--another deep, long slow breath. 6 year old clicks it---another chance to breathe. And finally, one more for the road when I strap in. I imagine with as much time as we spend getting in and out of the car, this routine should repeat an average of 6 times a day.  To honor the season of Thanksgiving, I am going to add a mental moment of gratitude to my breathing, simply noting one thing I can be thankful for. Granted, by trip number six it might be that it's only 3 more hours until bedtime.

Here are some resources if you would like to learn more about breathing techniques:

Do As One 

Fun Breathing Icons and Instructions for Kids from Conscious Discipline



Have a great week!

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