Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to have a perfect parenting moment....

Every once in a while, appetites are satiated, emotions are calm and perfect harmony descends upon our household.  When that palpable feeling arrives, I want to cue the movie soundtrack and capture the moment on my mental camera. These are the moments we expect to happen often when we have kids. But, in truth, they arrive the same way an astonishing sunset does---yeah, there are sunsets everyday, but then there are the ones when the conditions are just right and light hits the clouds just so, and you find yourself stopped at a green light marveling the sky.

This activity gave us one of those moments--we were sitting around the table cutting out leaves together, talking and laughing and just feeling cozy. I had a chance to memorize how my daughter's eyelashes look when we she looks down to cut paper. I took in some of the last sights I will have of my eldest's hands and cheeks before their chubby baby fat melts into girlhood. And for that moment, before somebody needed a snack or insisted they must use the tape first, I am so very grateful.

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