Sunday, October 20, 2013

Purpose Statement

We have 3 little ones. Right now we are up to our ears in learning with our brains---we play math games, read books, learn how to print and the ABC's gets more airplay than Justin Bieber at a junior high slumber party.  Of course I am glad my kids are learning, but I know as they continue towards school-age, their intellectual learning will be a growing priority. And their desire to watch tv, play video games, use the computer and text their friends 874 times a day will too. So I am starting early. 

Each week I will post an activity here in hopes that it will nurture compassion, optimism, kindness, self-love, reflection---the universal qualities I want to cultivate in myself and my family. I figure if we spend some time unplugged each week, focused on Creativity, Humanity, our Environment or our Spirit, we will end up more plugged-in and present with each other. I hope your are inspired to try the lessons along with us (they aren't just for kids), check back and see how we did and post your insights too.

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