Saturday, October 26, 2013

How Do I Love Thee?

It's not just kids who have hard time coming up with a list of things they love about themselves. When I conjured up this lesson, I imagined myself writing pages and pages of lovable qualities for myself. Rather, I found myself wrestling with that icky voice in my head that wanted to discount everything good I wrote ("Compassionate?!!! You were just snapping at your kids 30 seconds ago!") and trying to keep my mouth shut while I my kids made their own lists. I could have written pages about my kids and my husband, but me???? 5 was hard.

My kids are pretty familiar with affirmations, so they were pretty receptive to this activity. We spent a little time just talking about what we loved about ourselves and then I asked them to just think about it for a day. They made their "I love" lists:

Then turned them into affirmations. My eldest chose to make hers into a book: 

and my younger, a collage:

 Here's how they turned out:

I would love to hear how you used this activity at home. Feel free to share artwork, comments and suggestions! I'll share my own in the next post. New activity post tomorrow! 

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